Transform your pre-contacts to customers through our software real state crmGreen

If you're not yet using a real estate crm and even work through excel for sales management then you can begin to see how through our software in the cloud can improve leaving lose of sales by mismanagement (loss of many emails poorly organized and excel sheets that remain inconsistent information) because you don´t use the tools already used by your competition.

Improve the management of all pre-contacts that are entering in your property means more sales and be more efficient management of the relationship with our potential customers. With our real state crmGreen  software you'll have faster and better control of your commercial visits to present property, and you will have better control of the status of your sales opportunities / rent.


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Do you lose customers because a mismanagement?

Customers are the most important in every business. Wrong management of all pre-contact entering the company losing sales. Not having well controlled visits your estate by trade can lead to poor control of the tasks of these, and not having opportunities controlled sale / rent carrying in each business process visibility and takes away the real estate business going.

Leave behind mismanagement and begin to improve your results through our Property crmGreen.

Your business will focus on selling and not on administrative tasks machining data pre-contact. You will have a list of pre-contact to call daily to the commercial tracking. They will send email templates in a fast way and homogenised. Commercial work collaboratively on a common database.

crmGreen was developed thinking in Real State Business

 Through more than 15 years experience in real estate development software we have materialized in this field. Our software is based on the vTiger CRM engine which allows you to have the highest levels of solidity, quality, usability of the platform. We are focused on customers and integration with other systems. With our ability to develop modules and adaptations on vTiger CRM where we captured the modifications necessary for the real estate industry into this platform to provide the best software tool in its segment.

Publication in our real state portal Inmo6 

With our product automatically you will get free publish all your properties on our real estate portal Inmo6. Our software has a script for export to XML format to third portals automatically and publish all your real estate properties.

Features crmGreen

crmGreen includes management of the property portfolio, visiting the buildings, automation of sales force management opportunities sale / rent, automatic sending of email for marketing, control access to information by commercial, calendars with events and visits, email integration plugins for Outlook and Thunderbird, integration with vTiger Apps for IOS and Android Smartphones among other features.
The main modules and features in crmGreen are:
- Management real estate portfolio, crosses supply and demand, XML publishing real estate to external portals
- Management visiting to the property, business property promotion
- Comprehensive management of customer relations, commercial tracking of client
- Management of marketing campaigns advertising
- Precontracts management, life cycle sale, from pre-contact to closed sale
- Monitoring business opportunities detected property sales with customers
- Budget management and sales invoices
- Analysis and business reports, dashboards design, preparation of new listings and

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